At Home Workouts

At Home Workouts

Quarantine is (hopefully) drawing to an end soon. With restaurants starting to open back up, at least here in SB, the end is finally in sight. If you’re like me, after more than 2 months, your workout regiment might have fallen off a bit. While periodically resting and changing routines is important, now is a great time to start preparing our bodies for when we can get back to the gym. I have made a FREE at-home workout plan to help do just that.

I originally made the outline for this plan for my fiancée when she didn’t have a gym membership. It was based around her goals of stabilizing the shoulder, improving posture and flexibility, and increasing core and glute strength. These are common goals for many, and smart to do before adding weights or doing intense classes at the gym. They are also quick (20-30 minutes), which makes them easy to add into your schedule, even while still working.

With exercise (as with sleep in the last post), the best kind is the one you actually do. Because of that, I am asking for a little information so I can make any changes to the program in order to make it more applicable to you. Simply send me an email at stating what exercise you’re currently doing (nothing, running, HIIT, yoga, etc.), and if you have any pain or injuries. Be sure to include what type of equipment you have access to (weights, bands, foam roller, etc.) and any other information or goals you may have. I will respond with the workout plan attached, simple as that.

I look forward to helping you all stay active, stay healthy, and stay strong.

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